Sights of Humpolec and its surroundings

Town visitors are also charmed by the beautiful countrysite of its surroundings. Well-marked tourist ways are nearly 100 km long and new routes for cycling or cross country skiing have been established there.


The skyline of the town is dominated by the castle Orlík. It used to be a seat of the town owners. Today, after a few-years reconstruction and conservation it is a favourite destination for walking. The castle is part of a forest park with an instructive path called Březina.

There is also a 300-years-old Jewish cemetery in the forest park. There you can find more than 1,000 tombstones, among them also the graves of Gustav Mahler´s relatives or Franz Kafka´s grandparents.

The visitors are also attracted by the unusual water work on the Želivka river which belongs to the oldest dams in the Czech Republic (from the 20s). The great dam - Sedlická holds the water from two tributaries of Želivka. The 800 metres long tunnel cut in the rock brings water to the vanes in the power station under Sedlice. The small dam above Želiv holds the water of an irregularly working power station. The newer dam on the Trnávka river makes water sports and recreation possible.

The Želiv monastery found at the beginning of the 12th century, became an important colonisation, sacred, cultural, and ministerial centre of the whole countryside. Final building works were done also by Giovanni Santini as well as by Čeněk Vosmík, a skulptor from Humpolec.

The building of Marian Church in Vojslavice, which used to be a pilgrim place, was also influenced by Santini. Nowadays, people know Vojslavice for a unique two-level bridge above the Želivka river.

One of the oldest villages here is called Jiřice. Jan Želivský used to work there as a pastor before leaving for Prague. According to a tradition, he preached under a lime tree which today is 600 years old. It is a unique tree, totally hollow, where 11 people can hide. In spite of having been damaged by lightening several times it is green every year.

The early gothic church in Řečice, surrounded by mounds and walls, reminds us of the beginning of Christian period in our region. It has an old wooden bell tower.

In the former yeoman fortress Lhotice we can find an ancient church with a wooden bell tower. Also we can see here the tomb of Oldřich Škroup, the son of František Škroup, who is the author of Czech anthem „Kde domov můj“ He used to spend his holidays here with his uncle Kameš, a local teacher.

In Herálec, we can find a beautiful chateau built in pseudo-Gothic style where authorities of Humpolec and its surroundings had a seat for two centuries. There is a huge granary which used to be a loan office for borrowed corn in times of poverty and famine.

Under Lipnice, in the forests of Orlovy, there is a forester´s lodge which is known by a lot of Czech scouts. Antonín Benjamin Svojsík spent his holidays here before World War I and he established Czech scouting regulations. He also organised the first scout camps near here. This fact is memorialized by the monument of Jiří Wolker, one of the first scouts.