21st Symposium Praha - Lublin-Sydney-St. Petersburg

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The 21st Prague-Lublin-Sydney-St. Petersburg Symposium

Topic: Orthopaedic Anthropology 2

that will be held in frame of the 6th International Anthropological Congress of Dr. Aleš Hrdlička in Fabrika Hotel in Humpolec, Czech Republic, September 3-5, 2019

The Symposium belongs to education actions integrated into the life training system of physicians according to professional statute No. 16 of the General Medical Council

International Organizers of the Symposium:

Professor Ivo Marik, MD, PhD & Petr Krawczyk, MD & RNDr. Martin Braun,  PhD

E-mails: ambul_centrum@volny.cz & krawczyk@proteorcz.cz & braun@irsm.cas.cz

Faculty of Health Care Studies, West Bohemia University, Pilsen  > Ambulant Centre for Defects of Locomotor Apparatus l.l.c., Prague, Czech Republic, ambul_centrum@volny.cz

PROTEOR CZ l.l.c., Ostrava, Czech Republic, krawczyk@proteorcz.cz

Department of Composites and Carbon Materials, Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics.

The Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, braun@irsm.cas.cz

Prof. Tomasz Karski, MD, PhD & Jacek Karski, MD, PhD

University of Vincent Pol > Medical University in Lublin,

Lublin, Poland, E-mail: tmkarski@gmail.com  >  jkarski@vp.pl

Prof. Mikhail Dudin, MD, PhD > Assist. Prof. Aleksey Arsenev, MD

Children's Rehabilitation Center of Orthopaedics and Traumatology "Ogonyok,

St. Petersburg, Russia, E-mail: ogonek@zdrav.spb.ru > stivamat@rambler.ru

Participants will receive the Programme and Certificate of Attendance

Abstracts of lectures will be published in Supplement of the journal “Locomotor System” (electronic version, ISSN 2336-4777, http://www.pojivo.cz/cz/pohybove-ustroji/)

More recent information about the Symposium will be available on the websites:

www.pojivo.cz & www.ortoprotetika.cz

Orthopaedic Anthropology

The topic Orthopaedic Anthropology covers with application of pieces of knowledge on skeleton development and its functional adaptation in orthopaedic profession. It engages in precise verification of body and skeleton abnormalities (including asymmetry), deformities and disproportions (congenital and acquired) and their development is verified by anthropometric, X-ray, densitometric, CT, MRI, microscopic, histological, histochemical, electronmicroscopic, biochemical, biomechanical, 3D scanning methods and the like. It means exact description of both congenital and acquired skeletal disorders (after injuries and/or due to metabolic and infectious diseases) at macro-, meso-, micro- and nanolevels. Archaeological material is suitable subject of investigation, too. Etiopathogenetic causes of skeleton abnormalities (gene mutations), growth diseases and genetic skeletal disorders are included in the topic.

The terminology Orthopaedic Anthropology was for the 1st time used by Professor Phillip V. Tobias (Johannesburg, South Africa) in 2003 when he from the status of president of „International Anthropological Congress – Anthropology and Society“ (Prague-Humpolec, May 22-24, 2003) assessed the session of the Congress titled „Comprehensive approach to congenital and acquired deformities of locomotor system” by this designation.

Note: The topic of The 11th Prague-Sydney-Lublin Symposium was Orthopaedic Anthropology. This Symposium was held in the frame of the Vth International Anthropological Congress of Aleš Hrdlička “Quo vadis homo …societas humana?“  in September 2 – 5, 2009 Praha – Humpolec, Czech Republic

Professor Ivo Marik, MD, PhD, FABI

Chief of the Centre for patients with Locomotor Defects, l.l.c., Prague, CZ
President of the Society for Connective Tissue Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkyně
Chief Editor of the journal Locomotor System - Advances in Research, Diagnostics and Therapy

Olšanská 7, 130 00 Prague 3,
Czech Republic
+420 222 582 214