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Cinema Hall

8.30—11.00 – Registration of participants

11.00—11.30 – Opening ceremony

11.30—12.30Jane E. Buikstra (Arizona State University, United States of America)

“… a pyramid that stands on its point “– Ales (Alois) Hrdlicka’s vision of research in physical anthropology

12.30—13.00Pavel Bláha (Palestra, Prague)

History of congresses of Dr. Aleš Hrdlička

13.00—14.30 – Lunch

14.30—15.15 – Session 1:
Dr. Aleš Hrdlička, Sociocultural anthropology

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

14.30—14.45Budil I. T.
Aleš Hrdlička and racial anthropology

14.45—15.00 – Valnoha J.
Research on social behavior during nightlife and entertainment in urban areas

15.00—15.15 – Hermanussen M., Scheffler C.

The importance of group identity and social position
on body height

14.30—15.45 – Session 2:

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

14.30—14.45Kutáč P., Krajcigr M.
The application of typical error of measurement in the assessment of body composition measurement accuracy using the DXA method

14.45—15.00Musálek M., Pařízková J., Kokštejn J.,
Godina E., Bondareva E.
Normal weight obesity in preschool and
middle-school-aged children

15.00—15.15 Novák J., Brůžek J., Sedlak P.
Male obesity during adolescence, a feminine skeleton in adulthood? Longitudinal monitoring of obese individuals

15.15—15.30Regecová V., Hamade J., Ševčíková Ľ., Janechová H., Neščáková E., Beňuš R., Masnicová S.
Secular trends in body characteristics among Slovak students and adolescents during three decades

15.30—15.45 Konečná H.
“All mankind is of one origin” in the context of modern reproductive technologies

14.30—15.30 – Session 3:
Opening of the 21st Prague - Lublin - Sydney - St. Petersburg Symposium

Main topic: ORTHOPAEDIC ANTHROPOLOGY: Interdisciplinary approach to growing skeleton

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

Welcome Speeches

Professor Ivo Mařík, M.D., Ph.D.

President of the Society for Connective Tissues Czech Medical Association (CMA) J.E. Purkynje

Professor Mikhail Dudin, M.D., DSc.

Honorary member of the Society for Connective Tissues,
CMA J.E. Purkynje

Professor Tomasz Karski, M.D, Ph.D.

Honorary member of the Society for Connective Tissues,
CMA J.E. Purkynje)

Professor Josef Hyánek, M.D., DSc.

Honorary president of the Society for Connective Tissues
CMA J.E. Purkynje

15.45—16.00 – Coffee break

15.45—16.00 – Coffee break

15.45—16.00 – Coffee break

16.00—17.30 – Session 5:
Poster discussion 1st part (posters No. 1—7)

Rooms: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

Posters will be exhibited from Tuesday, September 3,
8.30 till Wednesday, September 4, 13.30

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

1. Aidonis A., Papageorgopoulou Ch.

Skull surgery in ancient Greece: New cases of trepanation from Classical-Hellenistic times

2. Gkaniatsou E., Vika E., Papageorgopoulou Ch.

Breastfeeding and weaning patterns in ancient Thessaloniki

3. Kostrhun P.

Aleš Hrdlička and american archaeologists and anthropologists in Moravia between the two world wars

4. Novotná K., Fialová D., Chocholová E., Drozdová E., Brzobohatá K., Klíma B.

Ancient DNA mining from chemically treated and non-treated human dental calculus

5. Půtová L., Smrčka V., Trubač J.

Diet reconstruction in High Middle Ages to Early Modern Period population

6. Rasskazova A., Khokhlov A., Safarova I.

Craniofacial identification of high church hierarch buried in the Transfiguration Cathedral in Tver

7. Teschler-Nicola M., Mandl K., Becker S., Stelzer S.,
Pahr D., Weiss-Krejci E.

A “perforated” human hyoid bone: bone artefact or thyroglossal duct cyst?

16.00—17.30 – Session 5:
Poster discussion 1st part (posters No. 8—17)

Rooms: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

Posters will be exhibited from Tuesday, September 3,
8.30 till Wednesday, September 4, 13.30

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

8. Seifert Z., Shbat A., Klepáček I.

Virtual projection of 2D basic facial features onto a 3D model

9. Vymazalová K., Vargová L., Horáčková L., Račanská M., Jarošová I., Trampota F., Kala J.

Occurrence of scurvy in the Czech Lands at various historical periods

10. Vytlačil Z., Drtikolová Kaupová S., Poláček L., Velemínský P.

Residential mobility in Great Moravia investigated using strontium isotope analysis

11. Annar D., Feher P., Zsakai A., Muzsnai A., Bodzsar E.

Turner-syndrome patients’ body structural characteristics

12. Asienkiewicz R., Nowacka-Chiari E., Biczysko G.,
Skorupka E.

Changes in physical development and motor fitness of students studying at the University of Zielona Góra (1990-2015)

13. Asienkiewicz R., Tatarczuk J., Wandycz A.

The secular trend in the height and weight of boys and girls residing in Lubusz Region (2002-2017)

14. Chaplinskaya E. V., Sakhno I. P., Mezen N. I., Korbut Y. I., Hryharovich V. V.

Comparative characteristics of biological indicators of students from different countries of the world

15. Feher P., Annar D., Zsakai A., Bodzsar E.

Quantitative ultrasound densitometrical and body structural parameters in screening of bone structural abnormalities in women

16. Hrušková M., Landauerová M., Čermáková S.

The influence of training on the physical characteristics of adolescent swimmers and hockey players

17. Hrušková M., Mráčková P., Bublíková, V.

Tests of motoric performance and physical fitness in Czech professional and voluntary firefighters

14.30—15.30 – Session 3:
Opening of the 21st Prague - Lublin - Sydney - St. Petersburg Symposium

Anniversary of Professor Tomasz Karski, M.D., Ph.D.

Introduction: Olga Hudáková, M.D., Ph.D.

Moderator: Professor Josef Hyánek, M.D., DSc. (Honorary president of the Society for Connective Tissues, Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkynje)

14.30—14.50Karski T., Karski J., Domagala M.

Syndrome of standing ‘at ease’ on the right leg as an important factor in the development of the so-called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and an influencing factor in the pathology of right shank, knee, hip and back pain

Anniversary of Prof. Mikhail Dudin, M.D., DSc

Introduction: Olga Hudáková, M.D., Ph.D.

Moderator: Professor Ivo Mařík, M.D., Ph.D. (President of the Society for Connective Tissues, Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkynje)

14.50—15. 10Dudin M., Pinchuk D., Pankratova G.

Interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of the children’s musculoskeletal system: facts, reflections, conclusions

15.10—15.30 – Family photo of participants

15.30—16.00 – Coffee break

16.00—17.20 – Session 4:
Biomechanics – functional adaptation of human locomotor system

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

16.00—16.20Pařízková J., Sedlak P., Musálek M.

The impact of adaptation to hypokinesia during early growth

16.20—16.40Kott O., Vrbská V.

Sedentary work – The importance of adopting and maintaining correct sitting posture. Knowledge translation

16.40—17.00Karski T., Karski J., Domagala M., Słowińska B., Boryga B., Pyrc J.

Improper sitting position in Children, Adolescents and Adults. Causes. Clinic. Physiotherapy

17.00—17.20Van Loon P. J. M., Soeterbroek A. M, Grotenhuis A.

Homo Erectus and backpain? Being Homo Sedens from birth is an unhealthy evolution!

18.00—19.00 – Sightseeing of Humpolec

20.00 – Organ concert in St. Nicolas Church completed of appearance of band “Ars Camerata”

18.00—19.00 – Sightseeing of Humpolec

20.00 – Organ concert in St. Nicolas Church completed of appearance of band “Ars Camerata”

Cinema Hall

9.00—9.30Maria Kaczmarek (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)

Female reproductive potential throughout the lifespan: an anthropological perspective

9.30—10.00Elizaveta V. Veselovskaya (Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation)

Russian school of anthropological reconstruction. Achievements and projects

10.00—10.30 – Coffee break

10.30—11.45 – Session 6:

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

10.30—10.45Chocholová E., Drozdová E., Fialová D., Brzobohatá K., Chochola V.

Need for novel detection targets in tuberculosis diagnostics of historical specimens – bioinformatic analysis

10.45—11.00Chocholová E., Fialová D., Drozdová E., Skoupý R., Brzobohatá K., Zwinsová B., Vídeňská P., Chochola V.

Microbial contamination of ancient human dental calculus studied by scanning electron microscopy and metagenomic approach

11.00—11.15Fialová D., Chocholová E., Drozdová E., Brzobohatá K., Zwinsová B., Vídeňská P., Chochola V., Klíma B.

Study of domestication via human dental calculus in the Early Middle Ages

11.15—11.30Šenovská A., Drozdová E., Vaculík O., Brzobohatá K., Fialová D., Šmerda J.

Mitochondrial haplogroups of ancient samples from Czech Republic: Comparison of two nearly located burial Sites

11. 30—11.45 Brzobohatá K., Bus M., Lembring M., Hocker F., Allen M.

Genetic analysis of individuals from Vasa ship

10.30—11.45 – Session 7:

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

10.30—10.45 Smrčka V.

Biomolecular paleopathology from my point of view

10.45—11.00 Smrčka V.

Czech paleopathology, past and future

11.00—11.15 Jakobej L.

Reconstruction of war injuries on selected skull preparations from the ossuary in Žehuň

11.15—11.30 – Tvrdý Z., Jarošová I.

Anthropology, health and diet of Eneolithic and Bronze Age populations from Modřice (Czech Republic)

11.30 – 11.45 – Vlach M.

Antonine Plague: The case study of epidemiological modelling and impact evaluation

10.30—12.00 – Session 8:
Patho - biomechanics - diagnostics - orthopaedic prostethics

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

10.30—10.50 – Arsenev A., Dudin M.

Cuneiform vertebral deformation in patients with AIS

10.50—11.10 Krawczyk P.

Possibilities of orthotic treatment in children with cerebral palsy

11.10—11.25 – Pankratova G., Dudin M.

Evaluation of the brace treatment effectiveness in patients with progressive scoliosis

11.25—11.40 – Černý P., Drnková J., Kott O., Negrini S.

Design of spinal brace shape classification

11.40—12.00 – Arsenev A., Vasilevich S., Dudin M., Falinskii A.

Prospects of application of 3D scanner in terms of children’s orthopedic center

11.45—12.15 – Coffee break

11.45—12.15 – Coffee break

12.00—12.15 – Coffee break

12.15—13.30 – Session 9:
Palaeoanthropology and varia

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

12.15—12.30 – Nowaczewska W., Binkowski M.

The taxonomic assessment of new hominin molar and premolar from Stajnia Cave (Poland)

12.30—12.45 – Petr M., Pääbo S., Kelso J., Vernot B.

Limits of long-term selection against Neanderthal introgression

12.45—13.00 – Petr M., Hajdinjak M., Fu Q., Essel E., Golovanova L. V., Doronichev V. B., Shunkov M. V., Derevianko A. P., Rougier H., Crevecoeur I., Semal P., Lalueza-Fox C., Rasilla M., Rosas A., Meyer M., Vernot B., Pääbo S., Kelso J.

The evolutionary history of Denisovan and Neanderthal Y chromosomes

13.00—13.15Vasilyev S., Borutskaya S. B., Galeev R. M., Yatsishina E. B., Kovalchuk M. V. , Ushakov V. L.

Application of computed tomography in anthropological study of ancient Egyptian mummies

13.15—13.30Jančová M., Štelcl J., Klíma B. F., Drozdová E.

Analysis of chemical elements on surface enamel and localised enamel hypoplasia of human primary canines (LHPC) via EDX method in the Necropolis of Great Moravia in Znojmo-Hradiště (9th-10th Century, Czech Republic)

12.15—13.30 – Session 10:
Clinical anthropology

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

12.15—12.30Gimunová M., Vodička T., Sebera M., Kalichová M., Skotáková A., Hedbávný P., Jánsky K., Kolářová K.

Do the sport dance, classical ballet and Slovakian folklore dance training affect the gait stereotype?

12.30—12.45 – Hrušková M., Ťoupalová L., Vašková I., Rejtharová D.

The physical characteristics of preschoolchildren and schoolchildren in relation to the type of nutrition in infancy

12.45—13.00 – Koziel S., Gomula A., Nowak-Szczepanska N.

Maternal stress during pregnancy and its effect on postnatal growth in school children

13.00—13.15 – Klášterecká R., Chrastina J., Vaňharová M.

Health benefits of Yoga: a scooping review

13.15—13.30  Barbieri D.

The Lombard Paradox: a historical perspective

12.15—13.35 – Session 11:
Biomechanics - bone diseases - diagnosis

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

12.15—12.35 – Vasilevich S., Arsenev A., Kurchenko S., Dudin M., Falinskii A.

Piezoelectric effect in bone during extracorporeal shock wave therapy in experiment

12.35—12.55 – Pankratova G., Dudin M.

Functional violations of urinary system in children with idiopathic scoliosis

12.55—13.15 – Khaymina T., Avaliani T., Karpenko M., Dudin M., Pinchuk D.

Features of endogenous neuropeptides in children with initial symptoms of AIS

E – poster

13.15—13.25 – Rybka D., Dudin M., Sharova L.

Ultrasound diagnosis of paravertebral muscles in children with AIS before and after treatment

E – poster

13.23—13.35 – Bober S. S., Dudin M., Uzdennikova M.

Characteristics of the spatial orientation of the vertebral column, shoulder and pelvic girdle in patients 7-17 years of age with initial symptoms of scoliosis

14.00—16.30 – Tours to Želiv monastery and Lipnice castle

16.30—18.00 – Concert of Band of the Castle Guards and the Police of the Czech Republic

19.00—20.00 – Awarding Hrdlička’s medals – with performance of saxophone band “Swinging Chipses”

20.00 – Casual Congress Dinner with musical accompaniment of local bands “Radovanka” and “Hudba Dvořák”

Cinema Hall

9.00—9.30 – Ivo Mařík, Daniela Zemková, Alena Maříková, Šárka Petrášová, Radek Myslivec, Olga Hudáková, Miroslav Petrtýl, Ctibor Povýšil, Josef Hyánek, Miroslav Kuklík, Kazimierz Kozlowski (West Bohemia University Pilsen, Centre for Defects of Locomotor Apparatus Prague, University Hospital Motol Prague, Hospital Pribram, Czech Technical University Prague, Charles University and General Faculty Hospital Prague, Hospital Homolka Prague, Endocrionologic Institute Prague, Czech Republic, Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia)

Orthopaedic anthropology

9.30—10.00 – Ctibor Povýšil, Václav Smrčka (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)

Microscopical principles for differentiation of diagenetic and pathological intra vitam changes of archaeological bone

10.00—10.30 – Coffee break

10.30—12.00 Session 12:
Poster discussion 2nd part (posters No. 18—23)

Rooms: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

Posters will be exhibited from Wednesday, September 4,
13.30 till Thursday, September 5, 15.00

Thursday, September 5, 2019

18. Hurbo T., Salivon I.

Age variation of cephalic index according to schoolchildren transverse and longitudinal studies data

19. Kopecký M., Malinčíková J., Václavíková J., Kuchaříková M., Hrubá R., Pokorná J.

Monitoring of body composition in boys aged 12–15 and girls with obesity during a weight reduction stay in Lázně Teplice nad Bečvou, a.s.

20. Kopecký M., Stříbrná L., Hrubá R.

Sleep quality and sleep patterns in men and women in relation to body composition

21. Marčeková M., Neščáková E., Mellová Y.

The influence of nourishment on the somatic growth of children from birth to one year of life (The longitudinal study)

22. Polcerová L., Kondeková M., Králík M., Beňuš R.

Examination of population differences in radio-ulnar gradients on pilot samples of the Slovak and Czech population

23. Polina N.

The study of color preferences of belarusian students

10.30—12.00 – Session 12:
Poster discussion 2nd part (posters No. 24—31)

Rooms: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

Posters will be exhibited from Wednesday, September 4,
13.30 till Thursday, September 5, 15.00

Thursday, September 5, 2019

24. Přidalová M., Marešová K., Zbořilová V., Kalčíková P.

Somatic profil in young aged children

25. Přidalová M., Prášil D., Marek P.

Relation between BMI and morphological parameters of foot in young school-age children

26. Samešová D., Sedlak P., Novák J., Ondřejíková L., Pařízková J.

Secular changes in body composition and fat distribution in Czech preschool children

27. Skryhan H.

Influence of a complex of socio-economic factors on physical development of teenagers of Belarus

28. Škultétyová A., Koziel S. M., Králík M.

Inter-population variation in the metacarpophalangeal pattern profiles

29. Zbořilová V., Přidalová M., Kaplanová T.

Reference curves of selected circumferential parameters for Czech children aged 6 to 11 years

30. Kalčíková P.

Characteristics of elite youth soccer players by date of birth and biological maturity

31. Marfina V.

Dynamic observation of physical development indices of schoolchildren in the Republic of Belarus

10.30—12.00 – Session 13:
Osteology - bone diseases - diagnosis - comprehensive treatment

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

10.30—10.50 – Povýšil C.

Pathomorphology of crystal-associated osteoarthropathies in bioptic and archaelogical materials

10.50—11.15 – Zemková D., Mařík I., Maříková A., Petrášová Š, Hudáková O.

Hypophosphatemic rickets: growth and body proportions in a group of Czech patients conventionally treated

11.15—11.40 – Mařík I., Zemková D., Maříková A., Myslivec R., Hudáková O., Kuklík M., Povýšil C.

The orthopaedic problems connected with vitamin D metabolism: Rickets, Osteomalacia, Hypophosphatemic rickets (X-linked hypophosphataemia)

11.40—12.00 – Vodička O.

Burosumab in the treatment of pediatric patients with XLH: results of recent clinical trials

12.00—13.00 – Lunch

12.00—13.00 – Lunch

12.00—13.00 – Lunch

13.00—14.00 – Session 14:
Forensic anthropology and anthropology in response to natural disasters and wars

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Mahler

13.00—13.15 – Jankauskas R.

Anthropology as the meeting ground of several disciplines: identification of remains of leaders of 1863-1864 uprisal

13.15—13.30 – Fialová D., Skoupý R., Drozdová E., Kováčik P.

Application of SEM-EDX in forensic and historic anthropology through dental fillings

13.30—13.45 – Svobodová H.

The difficulty of a forensic geneticist’s work

13.45—14.00 – Krošláková M.

Wandering through Central Europe in the Middle Ages: possible burial of an Outlander

13.00—14.45 – Session 15:
Historical anthropology

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Malý Hliník

13.00—13.15 – Beran-Cimbůrková P.

Anthropological analysis of skeletal remains found in a circular object (middle bronze age) from Nymburk (Czech Republic)

13.15—13.30 – Fojtová M.

Extraordinary Great-Moravian graves from Staré Město in the view of an anthropologist. A preliminary report

13.30—13.45 – Hukelová Z.

Life at Early Bronze Age site of Nižná Myšľa

13.45—14.00 – Koukli M., Siegmund F., Papageorgopoulou Ch.

Stature estimation on northern Greek populations of Roman time

14.00—14.15 – Pavelková J., Furmánek V.

Demographic analysis of civilization of south-eastern urnfields in Slovakia

14.15—14.30 – Nováček J.

Burials from the Merovingian aristocracy from Gotha – Boilstädt

14.30—14.45 – Scheelen-Nováček K., Nováček J., Bátora J., Kierdorf H., Schultz M.

Evidence of interpersonal violence in the Early Bronze Age cemetery of Ludanice - Mýtna Nová Ves

13.00—15.00 – Session 16:
Disorders of growing skeleton

Room: Fabrika Hotel – Orlík

13.00—13.20 – Smrčka V., Dick D., Shahed S., Musilová Z., Köhler K., Tvrdý Z.

Congenital Anomalies in Neolithic Lengyel Culture

13.20—13.40 – Zemková D., Balaščáková M., Paprskářová M., Moslerová V., Mařík I.

Pycnodysostosis in a Czech toddler, sclerosing bone dysplasia

13.40—14.00 – Doktorová H., Hraběta J., Groh T., Abdel Rahman M., Feriančíková B., Černá T., Podhorská N., Eckschlager T.

Neuroblastoma in musculoskeletal system, tumor hypoxia, HIF-1 and chemoresistance

14.00—14.20 – Ryba L., Rybová S., Nechutný J., Mařík I.

Perthes’ disease and femoroacetabular impingement in a growing patient

14.20—14.40 – Karski J., Okoński M., Ostrowski J., Matuszewski Ł., Kandzierski G., Karski T.

50th Anniversary of Dega pelvic osteotomy in treatment of DDH – dysplasia, subluxation or luxation of the hip joint

14.40—15.00 – Van Loon P. J. M., Soeterbroe A. M., Grotenhuis A. H.

Anthropology and the physical presentation of Homo sapiens in the 21th century. Modern man and his posture

Ivo Mařík, Petr Krawczyk, Tomasz Karski, Mikhail Dudin

Cinema Hall

15.30 – Official closing of the Congress